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Comfort for Your Pet

Northeastern Pennsylvania & residents NY’s Southern Tier will find a complete selection of American Made comfortable dog beds & pads in stock at Lucky Dog.
While we may bring in different trendy brands at various times, WEST PAW beds remain a favorite a Lucky Dog.

West Paw offers a variety of designer dog beds in sizes from extra small dog beds for the tiny breeds to extra large beds for the truly big dogs. West Paw Design prides itself on designing durable dog beds which can accommodate pets of all sizes comfortably.

Pillow Dog Beds allow owners to pick the best style & shape bed to match their pups sleeping habits. Curled up or stretched out—all dogs, little or BIG can sleep in complete comfort. 
Dog mats are versatile & convenient, providing more cushion…anywhere. Crate mats provide cushion in a kennel, in a dog house, in the car, on the porch, or anywhere around the house. Flat dog mats are perfect for travel, not only adding an extra layer of comfort, but providing a layer of protection against dirt and hair. Easy to move, easy to clean.

West Paw offers a variety of styles, colors, and designs to best suit you and your pets needs. Lucky Dog carries a large variety of pet beds to fit all sizes of pup & will happily special order any style, color, or size that may not be in stock.

“West Paw Design dog beds are made in the USA and designed with your pet's total comfort in mind. Made with the finest material, highest quality and tender care, our dog beds are as beautiful as the Big Sky Country in which they are created. Whether you are looking for a pillow dog bed, a dog crate bed, or a nesting dog bed - you'll find the right style of dog bed for small or large dogs. Sweet dreams for that special dog in your home!”



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