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A Healthy Selection of Kitten & Cat Food

For Our Friends in the Endless Mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania

It’s true cats can be finicky, making choosing a good food for your feline friend pretty rough. Finding a food your cat will actually eat may be more than half the battle, though you also want to be sure your cat is also enjoying a healthy diet. Cats have particular nutritional needs for good health. Please note: The selection of cat food you find at Lucky Dog includes REAL ingredients & no GMOs, no wheat, no corn, no soy. Both wet and dry foods are available to accommodate the needs of your individual cat.

When choosing the right food for your purr-fect pet, remember cats need more protein than dogs, as well as vitamins A and B. Cats are carnivores. They get most of their carbohydrates from meat. You want to avoid buying cat food that lists corn, wheat or flour in the top five ingredients and be sure that real meat is listed on the label. All the Cat Foods you find at Lucky Dog are low ash and offer the finest ingredients for your pet. 

Weruva ~ People Food for Pets. Weruva Cat Food if grain free greatness. Whether it is a chicken, beef or fish based formula, Weruva starts by flaking the fleshy, meaty cuts off the bone. Ingredients are then hand placed into cans, allowing you to see the cuts used and how they are processed. By using lean cuts, the calorie content and fat content stay low. Offering a variety of unique flavors, Weruva’s recipes are rich in vitamins and include only the finest ingredients:
• CAGE FREE Boneless, Skinless, White Chicken Breast that is antibiotic and hormone free. 
• CAGE FREE Duck that is also antibiotic and hormone free
• Exotic Australian Seafood
• Red meat tuna
• Shirasu (baby anchovies – a traditional part of the Japanese diet)
• Mackerel 
• Skipjack Tuna
• Sardines
• White Meat Tuna (Dolphin Safe)
• Tilapia Nilotica (fish of the Nile)
• Pumpkin
• Green veggies & carrots 

Orijen ~ Canada’s Award Winning Pet Food Maker. Different from conventional pet food makers, Orijen’s Biologically Appropriate focus means their foods are formulated to nourish dogs and cats in keeping with their evolutionary and anatomical adaptation to protein-rich diets that include a broad variety of fresh meats. Starting with fresh, never-frozen meats that are sustainably farmed, fished or ranched within Orijen’s region by people they know and trust. Considered too expensive by conventional pet food makers, Orijen’s fresh regional ingredients are unmatched in any other dog or cat food on earth. From free-run poultry, to wild-caught fish to free-range red meats, Orijen’s regional ingredients are approved 'fit for human consumption' by the Government of Canada. Formulated to match the natural feline diet, ORIJEN CAT & KITTEN is made with high ratios of free-run chicken, turkey and whole eggs, plus wild-caught local fish. These world-class ingredients, all sustainably farmed or fished within Orijen’s region. They're preservative-free, never frozen, and loaded with the animal proteins and fats that nourish your cat completely. Protein-packed animal ingredients that Nature evolved all cats to eat, ORIJEN CAT & KITTEN is infused with marine-source DHA & EPA omega-3 fatty acids to support peak skin and coat conditioning — your cat's outer signs of health and vitality. In place of the high-glycemic grains found in conventional dry cat foods, ORIJEN's fruits and greens supply natural antioxidants, while veterinarian selected botanicals satisfy your cat's instinct to forage for grasses and weeds. Made with great care and pride in our award-winning factory here in Alberta, Canada, ORIJEN CAT & KITTEN is a delicious way to keep your cat or kitten healthy, happy and strong.

FELINE CAVIAR ~ Holistic Nutrient for your pet. A line of Made in the USA pet foods so premium they will meet the needs of every animal, no matter what the breed. These diets are leading the way in the pet food industry’s search for the perfect pet food with its naturally preserved allergen free food. Feline Caviar has formulas to fit every stage of a cat’s life, from playful kitten to active adult cats, pregnant queens to sterilized indoor pets. Taking into consideration the needs of every cat, Feline Caviar is gluten free & possibly the most health conscious feline food on the market with no added hormones, no GMO, no potato or tapioca, no ethoxyquin, no meat or poultry by-products. Addressing the concerns of cat lover, you will find that Feline Caviar is directly formulated to promote the overall health of you’re your indoor and outdoor cats: 

  • Dental – Kibble shape and density help to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

  • Digestive – Fermentation Culture (probiotic) and FOS (prebiotic) support intestinal health.

  • Energy – High quality nutrient dense proteins for energy and complex carbohydrates for endurance.

  • Hairball – Natural vegetable fiber helps move hair through the digestive tract.

  • Health – Nutritionally optimized to support the development of muscles, organs, bones and teeth.

  • Heart – Taurine for heart health.

  • Immune – High quality antioxidants support a healthy immune system.

  • Omega – Omega 3 & 6 from high quality fats and oils.

Feline Caviar recommends rotating proteins, which gives your pet a diff¬erent amino acid profile and helps maintain a healthy immune system. Feline Caviar off¬ers a variety of proteins in dry, canned and treats that your cat will love.

VeRUS~ All Natural Holistic Pet Foods. VeRUS ingredients are grown and raised products from the best sources in the world, including USA, Australia, & New Zealand. None of VeRUS’s feline formulas are preserved with or contain ethoxyquin, BHA, BHT, Propylene glycol or any other chemical preservative. These formulas are also free of Menadione. You will, also, not find By-Products, Fillers, Wheat, Corn, Soy or Chemical Preservatives in any VeRUS premium Pet Foods, Feline Dry or Canned. VeRUS Pet foods are formulated to meet or exceed the nutritional guidelines established by AAFCO. The Nutrition from VeRUS products is supplied through whole foods; whole meats, whole grains, vitamin antioxidant preservation with the incorporation of organic nutrients sources, and chelated minerals. VeRUS foods are carefully crafted to yield the ideal level of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and micronutrients for your pet. 

Know of other cat foods that we may be interested in, ask us about them, we have access to order just almost any trusted brand. It is our pleasure to accommodate our customers and help their pets live a happier, healthier life. 


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